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The Roguelike Archive

The content of this page is migrating to the updated Rogue Archive









Rogue 1.0 by Epyx (TRS-80 CoCo3) -


Rogue 1.0 by Jon Lane (DOS) - (Mr. Mctesq was here)

Rogue 1.0 , SN:1148 by Jon Lane (DOS) - ai_rogue_1.0.arj (Mr. Mctesq was here, original filename rogue.arj)

These exes were probably cracked by different people at different times. The exes differ 13 bytes in size.

Rogue 1.0 , SN:0 by Jon Lane (DOS) - (Mr. Mctesq was here, original filename:

This looks like an uncracked copy of v1.0. The exe differs from the two 1.0 versions above.


Rogue 1.1 by Jon Lane (DOS) - (Mr. Mctesq was here)

Rogue 1.1 by Jon Lane (DOS) - (SN:1349, Mr. Mctesq was here)

These are two different cracked 1.1 versions that differ 252 bytes in size.


Rogue ".1" Beta Test by Jon Lane (DOS) - (Mr. Mctesq was here version, original filename:


Rogue ".1" Beta Test by Jon Lane (DOS) - (Faris was here, easy version)

Rogue ".1" Beta Test by Jon Lane (DOS) - (Faris was here, hard version)

According to the contributor of these files: "They are exactly the same game, but they appear to have been compiled with different difficulty settings, or one (or even both) is hacked. I *think* that the version in the "easy" directory is the hacked version, but I'm not sure."


Rogue 1.45 by Epyx (DOS) - or (Boudewijn was here)

According to Boudewijn Waijers this was never a modified and recompiled version but merely a quick hack with a binary editor.


Rogue 1.48 by Epyx (Amiga) -

Rogue 1.48 by Epyx (DOS) -


Rogue 1.49 by Epyx (DOS) -


Rogue 3.0 by Marco Pontil (Mac) -

Rogue ?.? by Epyx (Mac) (from - rogue.SIT

Rogue ?.? (Mac) - mac-rogue-30.hqx

Rogue by Epyx (Atari ST) -

Rogue by Mastertronic (Sinclair Spectrum) -

Rogue by Mastertronic (Amstrad CPC) -

Rogue by Mastertronic (C64) -

Rogue by David Goodenough (CP/M) -

Rogue II by Epyx (Atari ST) -


Rogue 3.6.1 (DOS) -


Rogue 3.6.2 (AIX) - rogue3.6.2-aix.tar.gz

Rogue 3.6.2 (Cygwin) - rogue3.6.2-cygwin.tar.gz

Rogue 3.6.2 (DJGPP) -

Rogue 3.6.2 (SFU/Interix) - rogue3.6.2-interix.tar.gz

Rogue 3.6.2 (Linux) - rogue3.6.2-linux.tar.gz

According to the roguelike restoration project Rogue 3.6 was released on or about 06/16/1981 and was the first version of Rogue ever widely released.


Rogue 5.2.1 (AIX) - rogue5.2.1-aix.tar.gz

Rogue 5.2.1 (Cygwin) - rogue5.2.1-cygwin.tar.gz

Rogue 5.2.1 (DJGPP) -

Rogue 5.2.1 (SFU/Interix) - rogue5.2.1-interix.tar.gz

Rogue 5.2.1 (Linux) - rogue5.2.1-linux.tar.gz

According to the roguelike restoration project Rogue 5.2 was released on or about 04/11/1982.


Rogue for Windows v0.1 by Geoff Dunbar (Win32) -

According to the author WinRogue is based on rogue 5.3-clone


Advanced Rogue 5.8.1 (DJGPP) -

Advanced Rogue 5.8.1 (Linux) - arogue5.8-1-linux.tar.gz

Advanced Rogue 5.8.1 (Win32) -

According to the roguelike restoration project Advanced Rogue 5.8 was developed by a group of employees at AT&T Bell Labs between 1984 and 1985. Michael Morgan and Ken Dalka appear to be among the semi-anonymous authors. AT&T distributed Advanced Rogue through the AT&T Toolchest for a time. Advanced Rogue 5.8 is based on the Rogue 3.6 source code with some additions from Super-Rogue. Advanced Rogue 5.8 was released on or about 01/03/1985.


CronosRogue by Cronos (Win32) -

CronosRogue is based on LinuxRogue 0.1 (Rogue 5.3 Clone Pl2) but with several updates/patches. See release notes inside archive.


iRogue 0.30 (PalmOS) -

iRogue is derived from two versions of rogue (rogue 5.3-clone and urogue).


JavaRogue (from - rouge.jar (sic!)

Old JavaRogue (from - oldrouge.jar (sic!)

HexRogue (from - hexrogue.jar


WinRogue 3.0 (from - win_ROGUE.ZIP

WinRogue 3.0 seems to be based on Rogue Clone version III by Tim Stoehr


Krogue 0.9.5 (Linux, KDE) -

KRogue is a version of Rogue that works under the KDE desktop enviroment.


zRogue by Gevan Dutton (Z-Machine) - rogue.z5

zRogue is based on the Rogue 5.3-clone


nanRogue 0.9 by Geoff Dunbar (ARM, PocketPC) -

nanRogue 0.9 by Geoff Dunbar (SH3) -

nanRogue 0.9 by Geoff Dunbar (MIPS) -

According to the author nanRogue is based on rogue 5.3-clone


PocketRogue 0.92 by Takebayashi Tomoaki (PalmOS) -


TiRogue 0.1 by Christopher Waudby (TI-89) -


Rogue Darwin 1.0.0 - RogueDarwin.tar.gz

Command-line (Terminal) version of Rogue for Mac OS X using its default curses library


Rogue Clone ver II (DOS) - cbip_rogue.arc (original filename rogue.arc)

Ported to DOS by Steve VanDevender and posted to as "rogue.arc" on 1988-07-01

Rogue Clone ver II (DOS) - cbip_old_rogue.arc

This is an earlier revision of the above "rogue.arc", posted sometime between March 1988 and June 1988.


Rogue Clone ver II (DOS) -

On 1998-08-12, Oliver Richman announced a DOS port of rogue on rgrr, and said to go to <> for sources. Now, there wasn't actually any sources, just a zipfile, <>, with an .exe and a README. Then on 1998-08-18 he put up a new version with a TERMCAP file, and that is why the README says "RELEASE 2".


Rogue Clone ver II (Amiga) -

Rogue Clone ver III (Mac) -

Rogue Clone ver II (PSP) -


Ultra Rogue (NextStep) -

Ultra Rogue 1.03 (DOS) -

Ultra Rogue 1.03 (Mac) -

Ultra Rogue 1.0.7 (AIX) - urogue1.0.7-aix.tar.gz

Ultra Rogue 1.0.7 (Cygwin) - urogue1.0.7-cygwin.tar.gz

Ultra Rogue 1.0.7 (DJGPP) -

Ultra Rogue 1.0.7 (SFU/Interix) - urogue1.0.7-interix.tar.gz

Ultra Rogue 1.0.7 (Linux) - urogue1.0.7-linux.tar.gz

According to the roguelike restoration project UltraRogue was developed by Herb Chong between 1985 and 1986. Mostly distributed in binary form and later an unoffical archive was commonly available (v1.0.3 8/13/1986). UltraRogue is based on the Rogue 3.6 and an early version of Advanced Rogue source code.


XRogue 8.0.2 (AIX) - xrogue8.0.2-aix.tar.gz

XRogue 8.0.2 (Cygwin) - xrogue8.0.2-cygwin.tar.gz

XRogue 8.0.2 (DJGPP) -

XRogue 8.0.2 (SFU/Interix) - xrogue8.0.2-interix.tar.gz

XRogue 8.0.2 (Linux) - xrogue8.0.2-linux.tar.gz

XRogue 8.0.2 (Mac OSX) - xrogue8.0.2-src-macosxbinary.tar.gz (also sourcecode)

According to the roguelike restoration project XRogue was developed by Robert Pietkivitch in 1991 for the AT&T UNIX PC. XRogue 8.0 was completed 6/8/1991. XRogue is based on Advanced Rogue 7.8 which in turn is based on Rogue 3.6.


Super Rogue 9.0.1 (AIX) - srogue9.0-1-aix.tar.gz

Super Rogue 9.0.1 (Cygwin) - srogue9.0-1-cygwin.tar.gz

Super Rogue 9.0.1 (DJGPP) -

Super Rogue 9.0.1 (SFU/Interix) - srogue9.0-1-interix.tar.gz

Super Rogue 9.0.1 (Linux) - srogue9.0-1-linux.tar.gz

According to the roguelike restoration project Super-Rogue was developed by a group of employees at AT&T Bell Labs between 1982 and 1983 with the public face of the group being Robert D. Kindelberger. Released internally and to friends were versions 6.5, 7.2, 8.0, 8.3, and culminating in 9.0 (circa 5/7/83 through 7/17/84). Super-Rogue 9.0 is based on the Rogue 3.6 source code.






Amiga Hack 1.0.1E (Amiga) -

Amiga Larn 12.0B (Amiga) -

Amiga Moria 3.0 (Amiga) -

College Rogue 2.30 -

HackLite 2.8.3 (DOS) -

UMoria 5.5.2 (DOS) -

UMoria 5.5.2 Color (DOS) -

Ed Lee's latest UMoria 5.5.2c sources, released on June 1st, 2003. Includes colour code for Borland's Turbo C compiler for MS-DOS by Justin Martin Anderson, originally from UMoria 5.4, as well as various features added by Ed Lee during 2002 and 2003

ULarn (Ultra Larn) 2.0 (DOS) -


MAG (Mike's Adventure Game) 1.1 (DOS) -

According to the author, Mike Teixeiras, own release notes "MAG, like Hack, is based on the original Rogue game which I first encountered back in high school (Lincoln-Sudbury Regional) in 1980 running on a DEC PDP 11/70 (Unix). A person named Jay Fenlason, who was also at Lincoln-Sudbury with me, wrote his own version of Rogue which he called Hack (he wrote the original). This prompted me to write a version myself which ended up being called MAG (Mike's Adventure Game). The Unix version was pretty much completed in 1985 when I graduated. In 1986, while attending Northeastern University, I began a completely new (color) version of MAG based on the IBM PC machines. Finally, in 1988 I finished it and here it is!"




Advanced Rogue 5.8.1 - arogue5.8-1-src.tar.gz

Epyx Rogue 1.4.8 (DOS) -

Rogue 1.1 -

Rogue 3.6 -

Rogue 3.6 - rog36.tar or rog3.6.tar.Z

Rogue 3.6.2 - rogue3.6.2-src.tar.gz

Rogue 5.2 -

Rogue 5.2.1 - rogue5.2-1-src.tar.gz

Rogue Clone III (Timothy Stoehr) -

Rogue Clone III (Timothy Stoehr), minor changes to above -

Rogue 5.2, slightly modified by people at New Mexico Tech -

Rogue Clone 5.3 (UNIX) -

Rogue Darwin 1.0.0 - RogueDarwin.tar.gz

Super Rogue 9.0.1 - srogue9.0-1-src.tar.gz

Ultra Rogue 1.03 -

Ultra Rogue 1.0.5a -

Ultra Rogue 1.0.7 - urogue1.0.7-src.tar.gz

XRogue 8.0.2 -

XRogue 8.0.2 - xrogue8.0.2-src.tar.gz


Rogue Clone ver II (Amiga) - rogue11Source.lha


Rog-O-Matic -

Rog-O-Matic XIV - rgm14.tar.Z

Rog-O-Matic XIV - rogomatic.tar.Z (altered but with same version number)


KRogue 0.9.5 -


iRogue 0.30 -


Rogue Clone ver II (PSP) -


JavaRogue by -


Linux Rogue by Alan Cox based on Rogue 5.3-clone by Tim Stoehr -


LinuxRogue 0.2 by Ashwin N - linuxrogue-0.2.tar.bz2

LinuxRogue 0.2.1 by Ashwin N - linuxrogue-0.2.1.tar.bz2

LinuxRogue 0.2.2 by Ashwin N - linuxrogue-0.2.2.tar.bz2

LinuxRogue 0.3 by Ashwin N - linuxrogue-0.3.tar.bz2

LinuxRogue 0.3.1 by Ashwin N - linuxrogue-0.3.1.tar.bz2

LinuxRogue 0.3.2 by Ashwin N - linuxrogue-0.3.2.tar.bz2

LinuxRogue is based on the original Rogue 5.3 Clone P12 . The original work for this was by Tim Stoehr on UNIX. It was ported to Linux by Steve Wilson. Alan Cox maintained LinuxRogue for prehistoric Linux kernels.



MAG (Mike's Adventure Game) 1.1 (DOS) -

ULarn -

According to the readme within the archive "This is the latest and greatest version of Ularn, as of 6/12/92. It should be much improved over the version that was posted to -Phil Cordier (Ularn author)".

UMoria 5.5.2 Color -




Epyx Rogue Manual - rogueeypx.pdf or EpyxRogueDOSManual.pdf or as HTML





Wheaton College Rogue Information Guide - ROGUE.BOO

Some information on an MsDos version of Rogue by Leif Clayhills and Curt "Phurt" Freeman - rogue.msdos

How to run Rogue on a HP9000 system - hp9000

ROG-O-MATIC: A Belligerent Expert System






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